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Cardganize™ Features

Never lose a card again!
Take control of Managing Gift Cards with Cardganize™.

Cardganize™ has all the features you need to successfully run your Gift Card buying and selling business. You can easily manager your gift card risks by setting limits and payout percentages. Know your profit and losses on gift cards by better tracking your customers.

Cardganize™ is intuitive and user friendly cloud based system that allows you to use your existing computers. No expensive point of sale system needed and can be access easily from any computer.

Cardganize™ efficiently tracks your gift card through the entire purchase and resales process.

Track Gift Card Sellers

Woman hold a gift card

Cardganize™ tracks your customers and the gift cards they are selling to you. You will be able to track each card from initial purchase to resale. The program allows you to research sellers before you buy. Cardganize™ allows for auto calculation of payment percentages based on brand and value of gift card.

  • Gift Card Tracking at a Low Cost.
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Customer Management.
  • 100% Cloud base Gift Card Inventory System.
  • Instantly powerful feedback.
  • Set your Payout Percentages.

Inventory Control System

Gift Card System

Simple, smart, Fast inventory control designed to simplify your business. Cardganize™ has put in the work to ensure you have the best, most relevant product for your business. With Cardganize™ you can calculate profit, loss and return on investment from each gift card.

The customer balance feature will track customers that owes money from previous sales. Cardganize™ mitigates transaction errors - with customized limits and payout percentages and can eliminates the need for calculators and spreadsheets where errors can happen.

  • Solutions for B2B and B2C
  • Cloud based inventory management (CBIM)
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Allows you to use your existing computers.
  • Remote access allows access to account from any computer.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Block undesired customers from future transactions.

Work with Gift Card Vendors

Gift Cards

Gift Card vendors include companies, people and contractors from which your company get10s gift cards and services. they can enter be direct producers of Gift Cards or resellers. In the Cardganize™ system typical vendor selection process involves . . .

RFT - Request for information
RFP - Request for proposal
Evaluate your business needs

Use any Online Gift Card Reseller of Your Choice - Use multiple gift card resellers at once. Cardganize™ organized purchased cards for easy transfer to gift card resellers.

Buy and Sell Gift Cards Safely

Trading Gift Cards

Cardganize™ is all about no-frills buying and selling. Let's look at a few safety tips to help make your Cardganize™ experience a safe and profitable one.

  • Increase your Profits while Minimizing Loss - Cardganize™ is a tool that can assist in increasing your customer volume while managing associated risks. With increased volume comes increased profits!
  • Multiple Store Front Capable - If you have more than one location for buying gift cards and plan to open additional locations. With Cardganize™ it's no problem. Cardganize™ will help manage multiple store accounts.
  • Remote Access – No need to manage at your storefront location. Access Cardganize™ from any computer.
  • Customer Balance Feature - If a customer owes money from a previous sale, Cardganize™ will track the balance owed and any subsequent pay down activity.
  • Control Limits – Customize and control limits such as customer limits, brand limits, value limits and payout limits with Cardganize™.

Set Brand Alerts

Brand Alerts on Gift Cards

To call the buying or selling of cards enormous is an understatement. Its sheer size makes it hard to inventory and track gift cards.

Cardganize™ give you the tools to comb through the vastness of the buying & selling the Gift Card world. Cardganize™ has created a better way to track inventory, track sellers and vendor in real time.

  • Manage Risk - Cardganize™ helps you identify and manage gift card risk by brand.
  • Control Limits – Customize and control limits such as customer limits, brand limits, value limits and payout limits with Cardganize™.

Better Manage Your Gift Card Accounts

Gift Card Management Software Features

If you have more than one location or you are planning on opening multiple locations, problem. Cardganize™ makes it easy to manage multiple store accounts.

Cardganize™ makes it easy to manage your buyer, seller and vendor account. We will show you how to manage all the user accounts on our system. You will learn how to change your password, your picture, your account name and account type.

  • Customize Payouts - Tailor your gift card payouts based on each brand return on investment.
  • Full User Authority –allows use to set employee permission levels.
  • Reduce Training Costs - Cardganize™ is easy and intuitive for new employees.
  • Reduced Labor Costs - Cardganize™ automates many of the steps involved in the organization and management of your gift card-buying program. Tracking, organization and efficiency is taken to a higher level than possible under a manual method.
  • Go Paperless and Save Money - No more copy machines. Cardganize™ saves gift card images digitally within each customer profile.